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How to obtain App Key and Secret Key for WpMobi?

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Register on WpAndro

  1. Click Here to register on WpAndro.com.
  2. Fill the form with all details.
  3. Login to your email account and click on the verification link.

Login to WpAndro

Once your registration and verification is successfull you can simply Login to WpAndro. Click Here to Login. After login, you will be redirected to the Dashboard.

Optin for WpMobi Service.

After you are successfully logged in to WpAndro you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard. If not please visit the dashboard. Dashboard allows you to optin to different services provided by WpAndro.

screenshot from dashboard

Select a WpMobi Service from the dropdown and then click on the Add Service button and your App Key and Secret Key are generated. Copy and paste your app key and secret key into your WordPress admin > WpMobi > General Settings.

Finally, You are ready to build your own Andriod App

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